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Behind the Headlines with Nick Ragone
5 November 2012

Nick Ragone, Director of Ketchum’s Washington DC Office, on family, being phony, and forgetting cufflinks…

The thing that gets me up in the morning is... Usually, my kids get me up in the morning by jumping in my bed! From a work perspective, every day is so unique and exciting. Some days it’s new business, some days it's client work, sometimes it’s managerial – creating a great office culture. I love tackling challenges.

What made me want to get into PR was... I got into PR because I love language, communications, and storytelling. PR, at its essence, is great storytelling.

If I could change one thing about the industry it would be... Get rid of the term spin. We don’t spin anything. We help companies tell their story and align their behavior to their words.

My greatest inspiration is... My family. They motivate me every day. I want to make them proud.

The three things I demand in my colleagues... A positive attitude, a willingness to lead by example, and perspective. A good sense of humor – and perspective – goes a long way.

The characteristic I most dislike in people is... Phoniness. Be yourself – don’t be a phony.

I laugh most at... My daughter, Mona. She’s a veteran stand-up comic trapped in a six-year-old’s body. I recently wrote a book about her wacky musings, which is selling well on Amazon.

The PR figure I most admire is... Rob Flaherty, CEO of Ketchum. Not only is he the best practitioner in our industry, he’s an even better person.

The one website I always check is... … it absolutely shaped opinion in Washington.

The most interesting fact about me is... I’m a lawyer by training and a frustrated musical theatre performer.

My daily newspaper of choice is... The New York Times – the paper of record.

The finest moment in my career so far is... Running an amazing office in Washington and inspiring people to lead by example.

My most embarrassing moment was... Forgetting my cufflinks prior to an important client meeting and having to festoon a pair using women’s earrings.

If I won the Mega Millions I would... Share it with my family. Oh, and write some more books!

The next big thing in social media will be... Mobile technology, and more specifically how to deliver PR messages through mobile devices. We’re still in the infancy of that.

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